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    Gazebo Plans

    If you're creating your own wildlife refuge in your backyard and want to erect the perfect perch from which to survey the action (or inaction), you may want to start by picking up a set of gazebo plans. Followed carefully, these instructions will guide you through the construction of a beautiful venue for your bird-watching, hammock-swinging, or backyard entertaining. While the pictures you see on the boxes of do-it-yourself gazebo packages may look intimidating, many of the plans are in actuality quite simple to follow.

    There are a couple of distinct advantages to building a gazebo over, say, a split-level deck. For one, a gazebo is a free-standing structure, which affords you certain luxuries. You don't have to worry about issues such as attaching your gazebo to the frame of your house as you do with decks. And if you make a mistake along the way it can therefore be much easier to correct than a similar gaffe that affects the infrastructure of your home.

    Inside Your Gazebo Plans

    Your gazebo plans include a list of everything you need in order to get started and see your project through. It's likely you won't have all the materials you'll need at the outset, so your first task should be consulting your gazebo checklist to identify the gaps. Lots of builders want to get started immediately on their gazebos (as well as other woodworking projects) without stocking up on materials first, but this can be a costly mistake.

    Resist the urge to begin construction without a full complement of wood working tools and supplies. Otherwise, you may start off fine, only to realize you don't have the necessary joints for your rim beam, girders, or doors. There's nothing worse than having to put your project on hold in order to race out and pick up a few missing fasteners or clamps.