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    Golf Decor

    The popularity of golf decor has taken off with the explosion of the sport in the United States. What was formerly a game played by the elite at their exclusive suburban country clubs has become something of a sport for the masses. As a result, all things golf-related have begun flying off the shelves: from shoes to clothing to curtains.

    Get Creative with Golf Decor

    If you're looking for golf decor, you're probably golf-obsessed (or are married to someone who is). Personally, I am not golf-obsessed, but I can appreciate the mind set and lifestyle that golf represents. The world of golf is a world away from every day problems, a world of blue skies, green grass, and cold martinis.

    Dressing a room with golf decor can create a homey, relaxing atmosphere. It's good to focus on golf heritage--pick out framed pictures and objects that represent the early days of golf. This can add a bit of history and depth to your golf decor. And since the world of golf prides itself on its heritage, it's an appropriate tribute.

    It's best to avoid tacky things like golf tee curtains and bronzed golf clubs. Instead, find an antique bag of golf clubs and place it strategically in your room--or even mount it to a wall. Surround the room with polished wood, as you would find in the finest country clubs. And pick out some framed pictures depicting some of the world's greatest courses--this will give any golf lover the chance to dream of the big leagues.