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    Quilt Patterns

    Quilts, in many cases, are like snowflakes--no two are ever exactly alike. The craftsmanship of a quilt provides a glimpse into the heart of its creator. Likewise, the pattern chosen for each quilt can speak volumes about what it means to the one who stitched it together.

    Choosing a Quilt Pattern
    There are many kinds of quilt patterns, from the traditional to the eclectic. The log cabin quilt is known for its design of rectangular pieces stacked upon one another. This pattern is fairly simple and common, but the end result is almost always stunning. Other quilts are designed with intricate embroidery or detailed objects formed by the different fabric pieces.

    A wide variety of quilt patterns can be easily found on the Internet. If you are new to quilting, the World Wide Web is a wonderful resource with many websites offering tips and advice on how to begin your first quilting project. Just by visiting a few simple sites, you can design choose your own pattern, order supplies, and print out instructions on how to begin.

    For novices in the exciting world of quilting, it is a good idea to remember that your first few quilts do not have to be enormous undertakings. Just as beginning knitters would not choose to start on a sweater, neither should beginners in quilting start with an overly complicated pattern. Choose a simple pattern that appeals to you, and be sure to enjoy the quilting process.