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    Money Magazine Subscriptions

    Money magazine has the highest circulation of any financial news magazine. It is published by Time Warner, Inc, out of New York. It has a circulation of nearly 2 million issues a month.

    Money: A Primer

    Money is praised as being an excellent magazine for those new to financial principles. Money does a great job of explaining how the market works, what the different kinds of savings strategies are and why they work, what's important to know about the stock market, what's important to know about short versus long terms investments, etc. In general, Money gently and patiently instructs those new to the world of savings and investment.

    Money is said to be most on-top of its game when giving advice on how to save and spend. Its biggest flaw is in recognizing trends and giving specific stock investment tips. Because press deadlines are often far ahead of the dates that readers will actually hold a magazine in hand, the hot tip the editors know about at press time can be yesterday's, or worse, last month's news by the time the publication hits the streets.

    In addition to financial strategies, Money also features practical advice, such as what to look for when buying a house, what are the things one must know when drawing up a will or trust, and how to be protected from identity theft. Further, many issues feature product reviews, such as "Best Cars for the Money," or "Vacation Spots Where the Dollar Is Strong." Money magazine would make a great gift for a college graduate, a just-married couple, or anyone that's ready to educate themselves about the basics of money management.