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    Dating Advice For Men

    When it comes to dating advice for men, everyone has his own two cents to offer, in part because every man fancies himself somewhat of an authority on the matter. There are men (and women, for that matter) who have found their lifelong mates as well as those who have been burned by love. Usually, those in the first club are also card-carrying members of the second club as well. Ultimately then, the quality of the advice you receive is tied directly to the source from whom you solicit it.

    A lot of men give dating advice without any real consideration of their recipients' unique histories or needs. A serial dater who's yet to find a suitable match may therefore end up imparting irrelevant advice to a youngster who has different romantic goals from the giver of said advice. Similarly, a man who's been happily married for 40 years is hardly the ideal source of dating advice for men looking to "shop around" as opposed to settle down and begin a family.

    Good Dating Advice for Men

    The first step in finding great dating advice for men then is to approach someone who's carved out the sort of dating or family life you'd like for yourself. This can be tricky since your own desires are likely to change as you progress in your career, earn more money, change your values, and begin planning a family. A truly understanding purveyor of advice will be sympathetic to your evolving needs, especially since he himself will have likely experienced the same reality.

    One piece of good dating advice for men, no matter what their romantic ambitions, is to be a gentleman. This doesn't mean you must sacrifice your new Armani scarf to a puddle of rain on the sidewalk, but it does mean you should strive for attentiveness and manners, the two hallmarks of any great gentleman. So stop talking for just a moment and practice those listening skills your elementary school teachers insisted would come in so handy one day. One other thing: holding a door, not only for women, but for other men as well, is considered gentlemanly, no matter what the political correctness movement insists.