Acting Schools For Film And Television

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Los Angeles is full of great acting schools for film and television. After all, California is the destination for every young man or woman who dreams of becoming a movie star. The need for acting schools for film and television is greater in L.A. than it is anywhere else in the country. You can find acting classes for every aspect of film and television acting, from cold reading technique to classes in auditioning for the soaps.

The Best Acting Schools for Film and Television

The best acting schools for film and television are the ones which combine camera technique with basic scene study. Yes, acting on camera is different from acting on stage. But good acting is good acting, and it all begins with knowing how to read a script, analyze it, make hot choices, and bring those choices to life. High stakes, immediacy, sincerity and communication are important whether you're doing a TV movie of the week or a children's play.

So, great film and television classes, just like great stage classes, concentrate on scenes. Usually, actors are assigned scenes, often several different scenes from the same play. They meet with their rehearsal partners between classes, to work on their script and get off book. Then, they bring their rehearsed scene into class.

There, it is often performed, taped, and analyzed. First, it is analyzed before watching the tape. How did it feel? Where did the actor succeed and where did he fail, and why? Then, later, students and teacher watch the tape. This can be a revelation for an actor. He may have been certain he was perfectly still and centered in the scene, only to see that on the tape, he's flailing his arms and bobbing his head.

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