Acting Studios

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Acting studios are a necessity for the serious actor. It doesn't matter how old, how busy, or how successful you are--if you care about acting, you take acting classes. Great acting studios inspire an almost rabid loyalty among their students. Many award-winning actors describe their entire careers in a few simple words: I study with So-and-So. Their teacher is more important to them than any of their awards, accolades, or roles.

Finding Great Acting Studios

What separates the great acting studios from the mediocre ones--or even the lousy ones? The quality of a school depends entirely on the quality of the acting teachers. Teaching is just as much of a passion as acting is. You want a mentor who loves both acting and teaching, not someone who is only teaching because they can't get a gig.

Your teacher should be as enthusiastic as he is demanding. He should ask a lot of you, but should never put you down or give you the feeling that you are hopeless, untalented, or unteachable. The teacher should recognize great work, but should avoid playing favorites. It's alright to praise exceptional work in front of a class as a means of instruction. It' not OK to divide the class into the "talented" students and the "untalented" students.

A great teacher sees the talent or the potential for talent in all his students, as long as they are willing to work hard. This teacher should be well-versed in not only acting, but directing, producing and writing. A very good sign is if this teacher has working actors, even famous actors, as his students.

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