Dallas Acting Schools

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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There are a number of decent Dallas acting schools. Some of the best Dallas acting schools are run on a weekend or part-time basis by teachers who live in Los Angeles. Students are given the benefit of Los Angeles acting workshops in the heart of Texas.

Los Angeles Acting Teachers, Dallas Acting Schools

This is not to imply that Dallas isn't full of wonderful theater or incredible actors. This city has more than its fair share of acting talent. However, there simply is not as much acting work available in Dallas as there is in L.A. If you want to learn from a teacher with a plethora of experience, you may have to study with an L.A.-based teacher.

Dallas acting schools are often rooted in tradition. This means an emphasis on scene work, and text. Texts are studied and analyzed for clues as to how the actor and director should play the scene. Actors are taught to find their character within the words of the scene.

The best schools concentrate on scene work, with a a healthy mixture of camera technique thrown in. Students are taught the values of acting for stage, with the techniques of acting for film. They learn to analyze, and how to let go of analysis and just play.

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