Alphabet Beads

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Alphabet beads are a great way to make personalized jewelry for yourself or to give as gifts. The most popular use of alphabet beads is in the making of name bracelets. The great thing about name bracelets is that anyone can wear them, from babies to grandmas. With a little bit of creativity, a bracelet can be made to suit everyone's personality.

A person's name is just the beginning of what can be done with alphabet beads. Words and sayings are also a cute way to adorn jewelry. Bracelets and chokers with single words like love, peace, create, and dream are a way to show the world what mood you are in. Make a different one for every mood and you will be set to face the world.

Alphabet Beads Come in Every Shape and Color

These days, letter beads come in so many different colors and sizes that it's hard to decide on a style that is right for the piece of jewelry you are making. These beads come in sterling silver, gold-filled, and every color of the rainbow. Large and small, square and round, the choices are really endless. There is no reason you can't mix it up a little bit and use several different shapes and colors of beads in one piece.

In addition to letters, one can buy beads with hearts or other shapes on them. These are perfect when you want to send a message to your gift recipient or just wear a message on your own wrist. A great Mother's Day gift idea is to make a pretty bracelet for Mom that reads "I love you" or "You're in my heart." Whatever you decide to spell out, with all the beads available on the market, you're sure to do it with style.

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