Bali Beads

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Bali beads are one of the most popular kinds of beads today. They are made of sterling silver and are handmade in Bali, Indonesia. Each bead is painstakingly created by master silversmiths who have been creating these beads as a family tradition for generations. Recently, craftspeople in other countries have begun creating Bali-style beads because of their worldwide popularity, but only beads from Bali can truly bear the name.

There are Bali beads on the market that are not handmade, but cast. Try to stay away from these, as they are not as valuable as true handmade ones and do not have quite the same charm. Knowing that your beads are handmade by master craftspeople is a great feeling. Most of the people who make these beads depend on the profits for their livings.

Bali Beads Are Small Works of Art

The wonderful thing about these beads is the many different shapes in which they come. They range from simple to ornate and everything in between. Each bead is a small work of art. You can create really unique bracelets and necklaces using these beads. Whenever I wear my Bali bead jewelry, people comment and ask me questions.

The best place to buy Bali beads is online. If you buy from an online bead store, you will have the luxury of browsing the different styles and sizes from the comfort of home. Choose a store with a good selection, competitive prices, and a customer service phone number in case you have any questions about your order. Once you see the great selection available, you'll be using these beautiful beads in all of your jewelry projects.

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