Bali Handmade Beads

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Bali handmade beads are some of the most high-quality beads on the market. Each bead is handcrafted by master artisans in Bali, Indonesia. These craftspeople have been making beads for years, each generation handing down the tradition to the next. Each individual bead is made from Bali sterling silver and is a work of art in itself.

Beautiful Bali Handmade Beads

If you have never worked with these unique beads you are in for a real treat. They make any piece of jewelry interesting and they are definitely a conversation starter. Whenever I wear my Bali bead jewelry, people ask me about it and always want to know what kind of beads they are. This jewelry is always a big seller if you sell your jewelry.

Be careful that you do not purchase imitation Bali handmade beads, often referred to by sellers as "Bali-style" beads. These beads may resemble Bali beads, but they are not handmade. They are mass produced in factories in India and other countries. The manufacturing of these imitation beads is making it more and more difficult for the true Bali beadmakers to make a living.

Finding authentic Bali handmade beads is not hard, though. There are reputable online bead shops that sell a great assortment of these beads at reasonable prices. There is no reason to buy the cheaper "Bali-style" beads when the real thing is widely available and affordable. Not only will you be getting some cool beads, but you will also be supporting a time-honored Balinese tradition so that it can continue for many years to come.

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