Bali Silver Beads

Written by Staff Writer
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Using Bali silver beads in your jewelry is one sure way to get people interested in your creations. Whether you sell your jewelry or just make it for yourself and your friends, these beads are the perfect way to make your bracelets and necklaces stand out from other beaded jewelry. They are just the thing when you are bored with the usual beads.

Look for Authentic Bali Silver Beads

Bali silver beads are made in Bali, Indonesia. They are handmade from Bali sterling silver by Balinese artisans. These artisans are continuing a long tradition that has often been handed down from generation to generation. While many old traditions in the world are dying, this one is thriving because of the recent boom and interest in beading.

As with all popular things, there are many Bali bead imitations. What are often referred to as "Bali-style" beads are actually made in factories in India and other countries. While at first glance these may resemble the real thing, they are not the same at all. They are of much poorer quality and do not have that special charm that the handmade Bali silver beads have.

To buy the real thing, purchase from an online bead shop that calls the beads "Bali beads" rather than "Bali-style beads." Other things to look for in an online retailer include a wide selection, reasonable prices, the option to save money when buying in bulk, and a customer service phone number in case you have any questions about your order. Once you have found a store you like, all that's left is the fun part--buying them!

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