Bali Sterling Silver Beads

Written by Staff Writer
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Bali sterling silver beads are an incredibly popular item in the beading community right now. Bead enthusiasts of all kinds are using them in their jewelry projects in order to create pieces that stand out from the bulk of jewelry made today. These beads are made from Bali sterling silver and come in a multitude of designs and shapes.

What Makes Bali Sterling Silver Beads Special?

These wonderful beads are handmade in Bali, Indonesia. Only beads made in Bali can be called Bali beads. You will see many imitations online. You can usually recognize them because they are often called "Bali-style beads" or something similar. These imitation beads are usually mass produced in factories in India and other countries.

While these copies are less expensive than authentic Bali sterling silver beads, they are not of the same high quality and craftsmanship as the real thing. Artisans in Bali painstakingly create each bead. It is a rare thing in this day and age to find something so well-crafted. So many things are mass-produced now; it's nice to find something that isn't.

Thanks to the Internet, Bali artisans are able to sell their miniature works of art to bead lovers in every corner of the world. There are online bead stores that carry great selections of Bali sterling silver beads. Because these stores often buy their beads straight from the artisans in Bali, you can be sure the beads you buy are authentic.

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