Bulk Sale Sterling Silver Beads

Written by Staff Writer
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A lot of people ask me where to buy bulk sale sterling silver beads. Because I use sterling silver beads in so many of my beading projects, they assume that I have some secret source of inexpensive beads. It really isn't a secret at all. I buy all of my beads on the Internet. I have my favorite online bead stores to which I return again and again whenever my supply runs out.

Bulk Sale Sterling Silver Beads Are Not Hard to Find

As I mentioned, there is no secret to finding bulk sale sterling silver beads. All you need is an Internet connection and an entire world of beads and beading will be opened to you. Of course, if you're reading this you are probably already aware that you can buy beads online, but you may not know that there is a difference between online bead shops.

For one thing, many bead sites may claim to sell bulk sale sterling silver beads, but in reality their prices are higher than most retail shops. Anyone can claim to have lower prices. In fact, they can and they do. It is our job as consumers to figure out which sites really do have the lowest prices.

A site does not have to list their beads as wholesale or bulk sale in order for them to have great prices. Many sites I have found feature good prices without making a lot of fanfare about it. Does the site offer discounts for bulk orders? Then you know you are dealing with a site that cares about its customers and wants to reward those who buy in volume.

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