Cats Eye Beads

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Cats eye beads are one of the most popular beads for jewelry making. They are so-named because of the iridescent white that glows from the middle and catches the light, resembling a cat's eye. They are made of synthetic quartz and are also sometimes referred to as "fiber-optic beads."

They come in many different, brilliant colors and create a beautiful effect in any jewelry project. These beads look great on name bracelets. Because they are usually capped with sterling silver, they look great when used in conjunction with sterling silver alphabet beads. The many different possible combinations of colors and designs is endless.

Cats Eye Beads Are Available Online

Forget searching local craft stores for the right colors and sizes of cats eye beads for your jewelry-making projects. Thanks to the Internet, all of the colors of the rainbow are available for the choosing. Just point and click your way to the perfect beads for any project. There are online bead stores that carry a huge selection of these beads.

In addition to the big selection of cats eye beads online, the prices are incredibly affordable. If you're anything like me, you like to make a lot of jewelry, so finding beads at reasonable prices is important. Whether you are making jewelry for your own personal use or are planning to sell it, the cost of the materials you use is always a factor. Once you find an online store you can count on, shopping for beads will always be a pleasure.

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