Fiber Optic Beads

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Fiber optic beads, otherwise known as "cats eye" beads, are the perfect way to add a colorful touch to any jewelry project. These manmade quartz beads come in every color under the sun as well as different sizes and shapes, ensuring that there is the right bead for your project no matter what your needs.

The round fiber optic beads usually come in three sizes (4mm, 5mm, and 6mm). It is sometimes fun to use different sized beads in the same piece of jewelry, creating a funky, whimsical look. If you dare, use several colors and shapes in one piece for a wacky but fun effect.

Fiber Optic Beads Come in Different Shapes

These beads also come in a flat heart shape, making them ideal for children's necklaces and bracelets. I recently made a name bracelet for a little girl using alternating pink and white heart-shaped cats eye beads and sterling silver alphabet beads. Because she loved it so much, I plan to make her a matching necklace.

There is absolutely no limit to the jewelry ideas you can come up with using these beautiful fiber optic beads. You will have no trouble finding them, either, since there are online bead stores that carry a huge selection of colors, shapes, and sizes. In no time, you will be well on your way to creating new kinds of jewelry for yourself and everyone you know.

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