Gold Filled Beads

Written by Staff Writer
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When you want to use gold in your jewelry designs, gold filled beads are your best option. They consist of 14Kt. gold heat-bonded to a strong brass base. The process involved to press the 14Kt. gold onto the metal creates a thicker and stronger layer of gold than the process used to make gold-plated beads.

Gold Filled Beads Are As Beautiful As Solid Gold

Gold filled beads are much less likely to chip than gold plated beads and less likely to dent or scratch than solid gold beads. The kind of gold bead you choose really depends on the piece of jewelry and your particular needs, but gold filled are often just as durable as solid gold beads and they look exactly the same.

Of course, gold filled beads are much less expensive than solid gold beads. They are really a must have item in any jewelry maker's toolbox. Not only do they look great as the main component of a piece of jewelry, but they also work very well as decorative spacers between other kinds of beads.

There are online shops that specialize in beads and bead supplies. These online retailers carry a great selection of gold beads of every size and shape. Rounds, twists, rondells, ovals, you name it. Once you find a shop with low prices and good customer service, you will have a place to which you can return again and again for all of your beading needs.

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