Letter Cube Beads

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Letter cube beads are no longer just for children's name bracelets. In recent years, they have been adorning bracelets and necklaces for adults as well. While it is true that children love name bracelets almost as much as adults love making them, adults are enjoying these crafty pieces of jewelry just as much as their kids.

Because of the boom in popularity of these bracelets and necklaces, the selection of letter cube beads has exploded in recent years. Jewelry makers get to choose from sterling silver, gold-filled, multi-colored, and everything in between. This allows you to create pieces of handcrafted jewelry that are colorful and original.

Letter Cube Beads in Every Size and Color

Letter cube beads are available in any color and size that you can imagine. Creating unique name bracelets is easy when you have so many different kinds of letter beads with which to work. One fun idea is to make a name using different sized letters, creating a whimsical, uneven effect.

No matter what kind of letter beads you are looking for, searching for beads on the Internet is the easiest way to find just the right ones. There are online shops that specialize in beads and that carry a wide selection of every kind of bead imaginable. Prices online are more affordable than traditional craft stores, so you will be able to buy enough beads to make bracelets for everyone you know.

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