Semi-precious Beads

Written by Staff Writer
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Semi-precious beads are great because there is such a wide variety of stones available. The colors of the stones are so rich and often multi-colored that you don't need much else to decorate your jewelry. Some of my most unique and original bracelets and necklaces were made with semi-precious stones. They are often the most popular when selling your jewelry as well.

Semi-precious Beads Make Your Jewelry Stand Out

When I first started buying semi-precious beads, I was amazed by the many beautiful choices available. Amethyst, opal, rose quartz, jade, black onyx, carnelian, tiger eye, elephant jasper-these are just a few of the semi-precious stones that you can buy as beads.

Many of the semi-precious beads have been polished and rounded. Others are left natural and rough. Still others are shaped into cubes, ovals, and other shapes like the Heishi super cut. Most semi-precious stones come on 16" strands.

There are online bead stores that specialize carry a wide selection of all kinds of beads, including semi-precious. The best stores have a wide selection of stones in many different shapes at reasonable prices. Once you start working with semi-precious stones, you will want to have a reliable online bead shop to which you can return whenever you need something new.

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