Semi-precious Pillow Shaped Beads

Written by Staff Writer
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Semi-precious pillow shaped beads are one of the most sought-after of all the semi-precious bead shapes available on the market. They are so-called because they are shaped like little pillows. They make for very striking and unusual pieces of jewelry and they always draw approving comments.

Of course, nature does not out of habit make stones in the shape of pillows. They are cut into this shape by stone cutters and therefore you can find both small and large semi-precious pillow shaped beads. No matter what size you choose, you can really make some stunning necklaces with these beads.

Finding Semi-precious Pillow Shaped Beads

Semi-precious pillow shaped beads can be more difficult to find than other beads. They are not as common as rounds or ovals. Not many craft stores carry them in their regular stock. The best place to find them, in my experience, is on the Internet.

There are online stores that sell pillow shaped stones in several sizes and in several types of stone. Natural carnelian, ocean jasper, tiger eye, fluorite, crazy lace agate, blackstone--you can find all of these stones and more in pillow shapes when shopping online. After you have made your first pillow shaped stone necklace, you're going to want to use this kind of stone more and more often.

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