Semi-precious Stones

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Semi-precious stones make great beads for jewelry and other beading projects. The colors and textures of these stones are truly astounding. Whether you create jewelry for your own use or you sell it, making pieces with semi-precious beads will add a lot to your jewelry collection.

Everyone loves different semi-precious stones. The beauty of having them available as beads is that we can create jewelry that suits individuals' different styles and tastes. One person may prefer opals while another prefers amethysts or garnets. I am partial to opals because it is my birthstone.

Do Semi-Precious Stones Have Healing Powers?

Aside from their beauty, these stones are also popular because some people believe they have healing powers. Amethysts in particular are popular among those who believe in the power of these stones. Even Leonardo da Vinci believed that amethysts warded off evil thoughts and increased brain power. Today, many people wear amethysts on necklaces because they believe in their general healing properties.

You can find these stones at online retailers specializing in beads and beading supplies. Select a store with high-quality stones and competitive prices, ensuring that you are getting the best products for the lowest prices. Whether or not you believe in the healing power of many semi-precious stones, you can be certain that they look beautiful as part of necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. It is hard to go wrong with something that nature created so perfectly.

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