Silver Alphabet Beads

Written by Staff Writer
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Silver alphabet beads are the most popular choice when selecting letter beads to create a name bracelet or other personalized beaded jewelry. While there are many different colors of beads available, there is just something about silver that is timeless and elegant. Whether you are making a baby's name bracelet or a bracelet or necklace for an adult, silver letters are a good choice.

When choosing silver beads, you will have the choice between sterling silver or silver-plated beads. Of course, sterling silver is of higher quality. I always choose sterling because silver-plated beads are at risk for degradation and wear over time. Since I hope my jewelry will last for the lifetime of the wearer, sterling is the only way to go.

Affordable Sterling Silver Alphabet Beads

When you shop online, finding affordable sterling silver alphabet beads is not a problem. There are online retailers specializing in beads with great prices on sterling beads of all kinds. There is no need to buy silver-plated beads when sterling is this affordable. You want your jewelry creations to be of the highest quality. While one may not be able to immediately tell the difference between silver and silver-plated, the difference will show over time.

Now that you know that affordable and high-quality silver alphabet beads are available online, what are you waiting for? Once you receive all of your new beads in the mail, all that you will have to do is use your imagination to make the most beautiful name bracelets and other personalized jewelry that you can come up with.

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