Sterling Silver Alphabet Beads

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You know that the quality of the beads you use in your name bracelets is important, and that's why you choose sterling silver alphabet beads when you want to use silver. Silver-plated beads can degrade over time. Because name bracelets are often keepsakes, we do not want a material that will wear down, but one that will last a lifetime.

Sterling Silver Alphabet Beads Make Bracelets Shine

Sterling silver alphabet beads have a wonderful, elegant quality that makes name bracelets shine. There is just something about those polished silver letters that is pleasing to the eye and fun to wear on a bracelet.

Name bracelets are great for everyone from babies to adults and sterling silver beads are almost always a favorite with everyone. Bracelets made from sterling silver can be fun and casual or formal and elegant. For a sleek urban look, pair sterling beads with black beads. For something more whimsical, use colorful beads along with the silver.

It does not matter what look you are going for or what age the wearer of the jewelry will be. Sterling silver alphabet beads are refined, fun, elegant, cool, and everything in between. Remember that name bracelets can feature more than names, too. You can make bracelets with all kinds of words and phrases, from "I love you" to "Be happy." No matter what you want to say, finding the right beads for your projects won't be a problem because there are online retailers that have a wide selection of sterling beads.

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