Sterling Silver Beads

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Sterling silver beads add substance and quality to any piece of jewelry or other beaded item. Use it when you want your jewelry to be the very best. Silver-plated beads are just not the same. They wear down over time will not last the many years you would like your jewelry to last. To be called sterling silver, the silver must be 92.5 percent or more silver content.

Sterling Silver Beads in All Shapes and Sizes

Sterling silver beads come in many different shapes and sizes. You can buy seamless beads, corrugated beads, corrugated twist beads, and on and on! Basically any shape or size you can imagine is available. The most common sizes range from 2mm-8mm and the most widely available shapes are rondells, ovals, cylinders, and squares.

In addition to the usual shapes, you can find plenty of interesting shapes like hearts, stars, and crosses. These make great accent pieces when used with rondells or other regular shapes, or make a whole bracelet using them. Perhaps the most popular sterling silver beads are sterling alphabet beads. With the popularity of name bracelets for children and adults alike, these beads have seen a boom in recent years.

The variety of different sterling alphabet beads available on the market today is mind-blowing.
You can find these and every other kind of sterling silver bead at online bead stores. Find a store with a good selection and affordable prices and you will have found a store to which you can return again and again for all of your beading needs.

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