Become An Author

Written by Christa Gatewood
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If you were to ask some of the most well-known authors in the world how one could become a writer, surely there are a few tips that would prove common. The first and perhaps the most important tip is to live a full life. Writing is a lonely profession that lends itself to many days of isolation. Some writers hole themselves up in an office and simply write. The problem with that is these writers have no life to write about, save the imaginary. In order to describe feelings, you must first experience them.

What Great Writers Would Say about Becoming an Author

The next tip you would surely hear resounded is that a writer should read. To read is to study the craft of writing. Read what interests you. Read great works both classic and modern, but don't read worthless books as they will only teach you bad habits.

Perhaps the most popular advice from great writers on how to become a writer would be to just write. Write often and write simply. Write about all of the little things that happen to you and your own observations, and try to write as concisely and elegantly as possible. Practice self expression to the point where it becomes as unconscious as breathing. This may never happen, but the practice will do you good.

Finally, all great writers know one thing: You must be patient. Don't be over-eager to publish, and don't get discouraged by rejection. Rejection is a part of all writers' lives. Continue to write even if no one likes it and you may find one day that you have become an author. You can always take the route of self publishing when you want to see your work in print.

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