Book Distribution

Written by Christa Gatewood
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Getting a book into distribution is the key to making a profit from the book as well as getting it to a wide audience. This can be the most challenging part of self publishing, and it is the reason some people choose to work with publishing companies that have relationships with distributors. If you work with a publishing company for one reason, let it be so you can get your book into a wide market.

How to Get Your Book into Distribution

Some publishing companies have deals with book distributors that will get their books into thousands of bookstores around the country as well as listed with popular online book retailers. Some companies will charge an additional fee for sending your book to a distributor, but some companies provide this service as a courtesy. Not all retailers will opt to buy your book from the distributor, but there are a few things you can do to make it more likely that your book will appear in as many venues as possible.

A professional at the publishing company can steer you in the right direction as to the choices you should make to make your book more marketable, but there are a few general principles that apply. By and large, the less expensive a book is, the more copies it will sell. Therefore, you have to be very conscious of the price you choose for the book. You want to maximize your profit per book while also maximizing your sales. Additionally, if you allow your book to be returned to the distributor, it is more likely to be bought by a retailer.

There are also some publishing industry tips about choosing a book cover, the size of a book, and how long a book is. Some of these choices may seem minor, but you would be surprised how the littlest things make the biggest differences. A good idea is to go to a bookstore and browse the stacks for research. See which books catch your eye the most and try to determine a pattern. You can use this information when deciding how you want your book to appear to the public.

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