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Written by Christopher Ransom
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Once you have learned about the various types of book printing services, talked with your printer and decided which ones are right for you, you're ready to ask for a book printing quote, or price quote. But first make sure you're ready! With the abundance of information at our fingertips these days, it's natural to want to get to the bottom line as soon as possible. As any car salesman knows, today's true car pricing available on the Internet has limited the number of dance steps a salesman can make before spitting it out. In the world of book printing, getting to the bottom line right away is not only unfair to the printer, it's unfair to you too.

Why? Well, a price quote in any business transaction is designed to ensure that the customer and the business offering services are on the same page, that everyone's expectations are met. And though many book printers offer pricing on their web sites or in brochures, it's important to understand exactly what you're getting for your money before agreeing to a book printing quote. While a book printing quote is not the same as a legally binding contract, it's not supposed to be a contract. Most book printers don't require a contract because a book printing quote is usually enough to give both parties confidence to proceed with the order.

What the Book Printing Quote Should Include

A book printing quote should include a complete disclosure of all services and products you're paying for. Specifically, the quote should detail the quantity of books to be printed and the cost-per-unit. It should also include the details specific to the book you are submitting, not just the book that will be printed-- page count and submission format for both the manuscript and the cover or cover art (as PDF or Zip file, for instance). Additionally, it should include the binding type (Smythe-sewn or Plastikoil, etc.), the cover paper type (varnish, laminate, etc.), trim size, which refers to the actual dimensions of your book, and both the ink and paper types that will be used for your printed book.

If you are requesting shipping, storage, marketing or other services to be included in your order, make sure these are included in your book printing quote as well. Having as much information as possible included in the quote will help you and your printer working in harmony over the finished product, not butting heads because your expectations were not met. Now if buying a car were only so simple!

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