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Written by Christopher Ransom
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Here's one for the ages--when researching book publishers, make sure you choose to work with a book publisher. Not a printer who specializes in business cards or cheap brochures, but someone who is familiar with and experienced in the manufacturing of books. There are a lot of printing businesses out there offering book printing services on top of twenty five other types of printing, and no doubt many of them know how to print a book. But that does not mean they are book publishers. Just because Wal-Mart sells everything under the sun doesn't mean you want to buy your fiance's diamond ring there, do you?

It makes sense to choose a publisher (in this article we're using the terms book publisher and book printer as one and the same) who is, if not entirely dedicated to printing books, very experienced at printing books. Again, it's a matter of core competency.

How Can You Tell Book Publishers from Regular Printers?

Well, it might sound obvious, but check out there name for starters. "Bob's Copy Shoppe" is probably not going to be the best destination for publishing your masterpiece. "Color Printing Experts" is probably closer, but with so many companies out there, why not look for a company with books in the title?

The point is not to be overly picky ... wait, yes it is! If you've been doing your homework, you know by now that writing, printing, publishing and marketing your book requires a serious investment of your time and not a little bit of money. So go ahead be picky! Look at the publisher's web site. Do they seem to focus on books or everything else? Do they know the difference between Smythe-sewn and saddle-stitched binding? Get someone on the phone and don't be afraid to ask questions. How long have they been in the business? How many books have they published? Do they have references and samples to show you? Book publishers should be book publishers, but you know that by now.

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