Book Publishing And Printing

Written by Christopher Ransom
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Technically speaking, book publishing and printing are two different terms that apply to each other and sometimes overlap in the life cycle of a book. Put another way, every published book needs to be printed in order to exist, but not every printed book gets the full publishing treatment.

While traditional book publishing may include the creation, editing, and printing of text, it also has included the art design, marketing and distribution of the book. Book publishing and printing should be considered the manufacturing process of publishing. While many book printing companies offer the services of a publisher, you may also hire a book printer to do just that: print your book and let you handle the rest.

Book Publishing and Printing When You Are the Publisher

However, since the goal of most authors or companies involved in book publishing and printing books is to reach the appropriate audience or target market for their book, the person seeking a book printer will assume the mantle of publisher. As the publisher of your book, you will have to decide what text, paper type, format type, cover art, quantity or number of copies, and marketing and distribution plan you want for your book.

By following the helpful links on this site, you will be directed to learn more about each stage of the book printing and publishing process.

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