Book Publishing Costs

Written by Christa Gatewood
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Publishing a book costs a lot of money. Until recently, it actually cost so much to produce books that the cost was prohibitive to all but the largest publishing companies. Consequently, it was an extremely challenging and competitive feat to get a manuscript published. Technology, however, has made it possible for just about anyone to publish a book if they are willing to pay to do so.

If a trade publishing house chooses your manuscript to be published, you are one of the lucky ones. You will not have to put up any of your own money because the publishing house will assume all of the financial risk. They will pay for editing, production and marketing. This is the best deal out there.

The Costs of Self Publishing

Trade publishers, however, only choose to publish about two percent of the submissions they receive. Therefore, the other 98 percent of the writers out there are left to navigate the murky waters of self publishing. When you self publish a book, you take on all of the financial risk. You have to pay for the book's production and all of the other things that go into publishing.

Producing a book may be the least expensive part of the publishing process. If you order thousands of books at one time, you can get a book printed and bound for less than three dollars a piece. Getting the book marketed successfully, however, might cost significantly more. In order to market a book you have to garner attention for yourself and for the subject matter. First-time authors have the hardest time doing this. Depending on how large of a market you are addressing, you might have to hire marketing professionals to take on this task. That can be very costly, but marketing is the only way to make publishing profitable.

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