Book Publishing On Demand

Written by Will Baum
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Book publishing on demand has only just begun to transform publishing as we know it. Currently, book publishing on demand services those writers who are out of the scope of the major publishers. That could soon change. The idea is just too good.

Right now, publishers print far too many copies of far too many titles. If they're trying to promote a book, a large print run signals to critics and media that they are serious about the book. The books also serve as their own advertising. If enough books are printed, they can be stacked in large piles toward the front of a big bookstore.

Which book are you going to buy, after all--the one that is sitting alone on a shelf or the one that is in a giant, stacked wall of identical books? One sane answer would be, "Neither. I'm going to buy the book that I think I will most enjoy." Reasonable enough. But publishing companies aren't filled with fools. Marketing a book with front-end stacks must be effective, otherwise they wouldn't bother, especially since those stacks of books cost them money on top of printing and shipping costs.

Book Publishing On Demand Is The Future

Having books stacked at the front of a Borders or Barnes & Noble is considered promotion. The stores boost their profits by charging publishers for the cherished privilege of crowding bookstore entrances. More and more wasted money is spent. Book publishing on demand removes all this waste and simplifies the process. Books are printed when they are ordered, and that's that. The trees of the world can only hope that the big publishing houses catch on soon.

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