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Written by Christa Gatewood
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Beware of people and companies who are too eager to help you publish your book. The odds are that these companies are really more interested in turning a profit for themselves at your expense. Commercial publishing houses are extremely selective about what books they will publish. They should be. They are putting up all of the money to get the book to the public, so they have to be discriminating about the material they choose.

The problem is that with so few manuscripts actually being chosen by large trade publishers, where are you to go if you are not one of them? If you have received nothing but rejection letters from publishing houses, you need to do something differently. You may need to get a literary agent.

Getting an Agent to Advocate for You

Some people are leery of hiring a literary agent. They think the best way to market yourself is directly to a publisher. There is some merit to this idea, but if you have found no success marketing yourself, you have nothing to lose letting someone else do it for you. A good literary agent can be invaluable to the career of a writer.

However, getting an agent can be difficult and often expensive. Another option might be to work with a self publishing company. The top companies allow you to retain creative control while providing you with the necessary tools to succeed. These include marketing tools, help in the planning stages, and access to major retail outlets such as Amazon.

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