Book Publishing Online

Written by Christa Gatewood
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The Internet has made book publishing very accessible. These days anyone with a computer and an email address can publish a book from the comfort of her own home. You can upload or email a manuscript to a publishing company, and you will never have to print out and send another manuscript. Nothing could be easier. In order to publish using online services, however, you have to be willing to put for the publishing costs.

Using Publishing Services Online

There are a couple of different ways to use online publishing services. You can work with a company that handles all of the things that go into publishing such as copy editing, production, design and marketing. These companies will either package these services in a publishing deal, or they will offer them for an additional fee. Working with companies like these is like one stop shopping. A reputable company that operates in this way can be a great option for someone looking to self publish.

Writers should, however, beware of online publishers that are not reputable. There are some companies out there that claim to be offering these additional services but never do what they say. You could end up paying extra for marketing, and no one will ever see your book. You should only work with a company you feel you can trust.

Another way to uses online publishing is to work with a company that specializes only in production. You can pay to have your book printed only, or you can pay to have your book printed and warehoused. These companies will not offer additional services and should you require them, you will have to hire another company or individual.

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