Book Publishing Services

Written by Christa Gatewood
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In addition to producing the actual hardcover or soft cover book, many publishing companies also offer a number of additional services. Depending on what type of publishing company you are working with, these services may be an additional cost to the writer. Sometimes these services are bundled into packages, sometimes they are offered a la carte, and other times the publishing company will assume the full cost of the additional services.

Additional Services Offered by Publishing Companies

Besides printing and production of the book, there are a number of different things that have to be done to publish and market a book successfully. The first thing that has to be done is the editing. The manuscript must be edited for errors and content. This can be done through an editing service, salaried editors that work for the production company, or as part of a publishing package with a fee-charging publishing company.

The design of the book cover must also be given careful consideration. Some companies employ design specialists that are familiar with book covers. The services of these specialists can be bought for an additional fee.

Once the book is published, it then has to make its way to the marketplace. There are a few fee-charging publishing companies that have relationships with online bookstores and other retail outlets. They can get your book in the right places to be bought. This may be a courtesy service, or it may cost extra. However, the only way you can make money off a book is to get the public to buy it. The only way to get the public to buy a book is for them to hear about it and be able to find it easily. This is an invaluable service and is worth the potential cost.

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