Children's Book Publishers

Written by Christa Gatewood
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So, you've written a children's book and you want to get it to a publisher. The first thing you have to do is find the right publisher. There are a number of different types of children's books. There are specific genres and age ranges, and some publishers specialize in one type or another. In order to have the best chance of your submission being selected, you have to get your manuscript in the right set of hands.

Getting Your Children's Book to the Right Publisher

There are two ways to find the right publisher for your children's book. You can either hire an agent or do the research on your own. If you decide to hire an agent, he will most likely be familiar with what publishing companies are seeking different types of material. Beware of agents who want you to pay them, however, as these are probably not the best agents. Good agents will be very selective with their clients, but they will only work for a commission of your earnings.

If you choose to go it alone, you can find a lot of information about book publishing in a few simple ways. First, you should go to a library and camp out in the children's book section. Look for books that match your genre, tone and age range. Then keep track of the publishers of those books. This research method will give you a list of publishers that publish books similar to yours. You can also get a list of children's book publishers at your local library. Trade organizations and publications can also be a valuable resource.

If you go through the submission process and have no luck, you can always self publish the children's book. There are some self publishing companies that will publish your children's book for a fee and you will keep your rights to the book. You will need to put up the costs of
production, but they may be able to assist with marketing. Self publishing companies can also provide illustrations and full color images for your children's books. With a few exceptions, the children's book industry is not an extremely profitable industry, so you should be prepared to publish your book as a labor of love and not as a profit generator.

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