Christian Publishers

Written by Christa Gatewood
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In the past, major trade publishers have not chosen to publish a lot of Christian-based material. Recent times, however, have led to a boom in the Christian consumer market, and publishers of all kinds are becoming more interested in capitalizing on this boom. Some have suggested that America post-9/11 has become more interested in religion and religious materials. Whatever the cause, the result is obvious in the book market.

Types of Christian Publishers

For the most part, there are three types of Christian publishers. There are the small mom and pop publishers that specialize only in Christian-based material. These small operations typically have a limited distribution, but capitalize on a niche market and can be profitable. While these companies do not have the extremely large-run capability of large trade publishing houses, many have done well for themselves and their clients over the years.

Another type of Christian publisher is the large Christian publishing house. These publishing houses are not very common, but there are a few that have grown in recent years. These publishing houses only publish Christian material, including Christian-based self-help books, children's books and Bibles. They have distribution deals that make them able to get books in all major retail outlets.

The other type of Christian publisher is the large publishing house subsidiary. Some of the most well-known large trade publishers have created divisions and labels that specialize in Christian publishing. Some of these labels are specifically for children's books, and others are multifaceted. If you have Christian material that you would like to get published, you can submit to any of these types of publishers or simply self publish to maintain creative control.

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