Cookbook Publishing

Written by Will Baum
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Cookbook publishing is a highly competitive field. In the current market, celebrities seem to rule the roost. It is nearly impossible to get a foot in the door of cookbook publishing unless you're well known as a chef or celebrity. Sometimes it seems like you have to be Martha Stewart or The Naked Chef or be featured on some other television show to get your cookbook published.

It doesn't matter that your lemon pies and chicken roasts are many times more delicious than the ones offered in a cookbook by a sit-com star. Publishers aren't necessarily looking for the best quality; they're looking for books they can sell easily and effortlessly. It should come as no surprise that publishing is a business like any other.

These tough realities of cookbook publishing have turned many a brilliant chef away from publishing their recipes. This is a not just a loss for them, it is loss for cookbook lovers everywhere. For these reasons and others, many feel that the state of the cookbook market is stagnant. Innovators have been neglected for too long.

Cookbook Publishing On Demand

In recent years, a new trend has emerged that allows non-celebrities to get their cookbooks out there without fuss or bother. The same trend is being followed by writers of novels and non-fiction books. The trend is publishing on demand. With publishing on demand, expensive printing and shipping costs are avoided. Your book is published only when ordered.

The savings makes it possible for just about anyone to publish their manuscript. The Internet may save publishing. A high-tech tool is being utilized to return publishing to old-fashioned, bedrock values. Thanks to publishing on demand, quality can still come first.

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