Custom Book Printers

Written by Will Baum
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Custom book printers have harnessed new, digital technology to create high-quality books at low prices. In the past, self-publishing often meant either low-quality craftsmanship, or ridiculously high-quality work. Some writers used to turn to self-publishing to see their books in extremely fancy, embossed leather editions. These books were a pleasure to behold, if not to read. They were also wildly expensive.

Custom book printers still can produce a collectible leather volume, if that's your desire. The majority of custom book printing these days, however, are standard paperbacks done for writers of mainstream books that, for any number of reasons, haven't found a mainstream publisher.

In some cases, savvy writers are forgoing the major publishers. Seeing the royalty rates offered by the publishers, and the recoupable expenses that they charge to authors, the savviest scribes often opt to take matters into their own hands. Self-publishing is, for them, the surest route to writing glory and deserved profits.

On Demand Custom Book Printers

This profit is easier to reach than it used to be. In the bad old days, you'd have to order hundreds of books and sell all of them to pay for the cost of layout and typesetting. Computer programs perform the same functions, so with computers in almost every home, those expenses are easily dodged. The nature of printing has changed as well. On demand custom book printers will run a copy of a book only when the book has been ordered. Shipping and storage costs are reduced to a mere fraction of what they used to be. The transformation of publishing has only just begun.

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