Custom Book Printing

Written by Christopher Ransom
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Custom book printing refers to books that require custom printing outside the bounds of standard formats and manufacturing methods. If you are a book and word lover like me, you mind find it interesting to note that the word "custom" means "made to order" and is also the root word for "customer". In that light, and following the adage that the customer is always right, every book printing should be considered custom, or at least treated as such. The fact is, every book printing is custom, for several reasons, but most basically this one: every book is different. Different words, different story, different, cover, text, paper, and on and on.

If you believe you have a book that requires someone who specializes in custom book printing, then you'll want to seek out a printer who is used to handling custom orders. But to do that, you must first understand how custom your book printing really needs to be. The common standard options available through a good book printer may be enough to handle your custom order with little or no additional cost. With today's technology, especially the direct computer-to-plate technology used for fast, quality service and book boasting a huge variety of colors and formats, you may find that you don't need a custom printer at all.

Truly Custom Book Printing

In order to determine whether your book requires a truly custom solution, ask yourself these questions. What is custom about my order? Is it the size, the cover style, the text layout, the number of photos inside, or the weight of the book? Maybe you need a mixed order-an order that includes some paperbacks and some hardcover runs of the same book.

The most common attribute of a custom book printing is the size of the book, and size does matter. If you are printing a thick catalog or book, that implies a large number of pages or heavy paper stock, which in turn probably requires heavier binding to keep the book from falling apart. What size does my book need to be printed? Common printing services offer books in trim sizes such as 3.5 x 6 inches (mass market paperback), 5.5 x 8 inches (trade paperback), and 8.5 x 11 inches (hardcover). But a good printer can also print your book in just about every size in between as little or no additional cost. Before you choose a book printer, tell them what you need and what you want, exactly. After hearing you out, the two of you may discover that your custom book printing isn't too terribly custom (and costly) after all.

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