Ebook Publishing

Written by Will Baum
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Ebook publishing has only begun to transform the way we read. In the scheme of things, it wasn't so long ago that the Gutenberg Bible became the first book made on a printing press. The printing press allowed monks who had labored tirelessly copying elaborate manuscripts to put down their pens and brushes and get on with other holy pursuits.

Innovation has picked up speed in the last century. The budget paperback didn't exist when many of our parents' parents were born. Books came in pricey hardcover or not at all. The paperback brought a democratization of reading. Books were affordable to just about everyone.

The Internet has yet again changed the way we approach the written word. Weekly magazines are sometimes helpless when it comes to seeming up to date. Happily for magazine and newspaper publishers, digital technology has helped make it possible to put an issue to bed just hours before it reaches people's doorstep or mailbox. These same developments have created a new avenue for book writers: Ebook publishing.

On Demand Ebook Publishing

Ebook publishing works two ways. Though it has yet to catch on widely, Ebooks (short for "electronic books") can be sent over the Internet to readers who can read them on their computer screens or on any number of electronic devices. More important for writers is the development of on demand Ebook publishing. This kind of publishing produces a traditional book, but these Ebooks are only printed when ordered. It is truly a brave new world.

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