Electronic Publishing

Written by Will Baum
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Electronic publishing has opened up new avenues for writers who previously would have had to stay home and lick their wounds after rejection from the major publishing houses. Publishing has become an almost impossible dog-eat-dog business. Publishers are interested in releasing bestsellers at all costs. The bottom line has won the day.

It wasn't all that long ago that the term "electronic publishing" would have earned puzzled stares for anyone who uttered it. Sure, presses ran with electricity. Publishing offices used plenty of the stuff. They had lights, fans, coffee makers, and elevators. But that's not what constitutes electronic publishing.

What Is Electronic Publishing?

Electronic publishing (or "e-publishing") harnesses the power of the Internet and puts it to use for writers seeking publication. One wing of the new field involves publishing electronic books (or "e-books") which readers can download on their computers and read on any number of electronic devices.

It's the development of books on demand that is currently the most exciting avenue in electronic publishing. With publishing on demand, writers reach readers directly. Writers can order books to market themselves, or, alternately, companies will ship books to readers whenever they are ordered. No extra books are printed. Unnecessary shipping and printing costs are reduced to nil.

The future, as they say, has arrived. There is no reason to live with the frustration of being an unpublished writer. Though there may not be millions of people interested in your book, perhaps there are thousands or tens of thousands. Publishing on demand gives you a way to find out.

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