Fiction Book Publishers

Written by Will Baum
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Fiction book publishers aren't staffed by evil robots. People who gravitate to publishing are usually enthusiastic readers and lovers of books. But the demands of modern-day publishing force people working in publishing to turn their attention from books they might love toward books they know will sell.

Sometimes, the two categories collide. Books like Jonathan Franzen's "The Corrections," or guilty pleasures like "The Da Vinci Code" by Dan Brown are great reads and generate huge sales. These books gain readership through enthusiastic word of mouth that spreads to the media and gains unstoppable momentum.

Sadly, in the course of this, many smaller-scale, personal books get brushed to the side. Publishers and writers have learned the hard way that when there isn't a celebrity author or a huge theme, it's easy for a book, however great, to get lost in the shuffle. For this reason, publishers tend toward "sure things." Every day, it gets harder for an unknown writer, or a writer with a soft-seller to his or her name, to get attention from the major fiction book publishers.

On Demand Fiction Book Publishers

Developments in printing and promotion have opened a new door for writers and small publishers that are feeling crushed and ignored by the larger houses. The biggest breakthrough is publishing on demand. With publishing on demand, authors can sidestep the major fiction book publishers and seize the reins themselves. It's affordable because books are printed only when ordered. Massive shipping and printing costs are nicely avoided. Technology is defeating the "evil robots."

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