Fiction Writing Resources

Written by Will Baum
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Fiction writing resources are available all over the Internet. Fiction writing can be a grueling and lonely pastime. It can also be extremely satisfying and rewarding. The thing to remember is, you're not alone. There are hundreds, maybe thousands, like you, toiling away at a manuscript they hope will someday reach readers around the world.

Many fiction writing resources will advise you that the work is what's most important. "The work is its own reward," they say. Well, hopefully that's true for you. It may also be important to you to try to get your writing published.

Very few people write without imagining some kind of audience. Locking your manuscript away when you're done and not showing it to anyone would be considered by many to be extremely eccentric behavior. You discovered writing in books, and there's no reason you should want your writing to be in a book.

Fiction Writing Resources For Publication

The world of publishing is increasingly driven by the market. Where publishing houses used to be family-run labors of love, today most publishing houses are owned by big conglomerates that answer to stockholders interested in profit and growth, not the betterment of literature.

A counterbalance to this trend has emerged, thanks to technology. Printing has gotten much less expensive. Thanks to the Internet, promotion is easier than it used to be. Put these two things together and you have publishing on demand. Companies will print your book only when it is ordered. Your book will reach an audience, not the remainder shelves. The Internet is a great place to find fiction writing resources about publishing on demand.

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