First Time Author Services

Written by Will Baum
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First time author services can make publishing your book much easier than it was writing it. That seems like it shouldn't be a problem. Writing is tough. How hard can publishing be? Veteran writers will tell you that when it comes to publishing, nothing is quite what it seems. What should be easy is difficult. What seems difficult goes smoothly.

The best way to keep control over your book and its marketing is to do it yourself. This may seem like a big step to take--after all, you're a writer, not a marketing whiz (unless you write about marketing). Well, the sad truth is, neither are the major publishers.

What the big publishers have in common is deep pockets. If a big publisher sees fit, the company can print a huge run of your book, send you on a huge promotional tour, and take out ads in every major newspaper and magazine. How often does that happen to a first time author?

First Time Author Services Get Your Book Published Right

Big publishers don't pay attention to the smaller fish in the sea. Even if they do agree to take a chance on an unknown's first effort, they are extremely unlikely to put financial resources behind the release. Print runs are usually small. Advertising is non-existent. The book languishes and the publisher blames the author, who is left with nothing but disappointment and dashed hopes.

Publishing on demand changes the equation. These publishers will help a writer through the process with a wide range of first time author services. A good on demand publisher will help with design, layout, and marketing. The Internet is a great place to find an on demand publisher to help with all manner of first time author services.

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