First Time Book Publishing

Written by Will Baum
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First time book publishing can be as harrowing as writing a book itself--and that's saying a lot. Of course writing can be exhilarating. The feeling of having written something you are proud of is like nothing else in the world. You have beaten your own personal best. You are ready for anything.

That feeling, however, is fleeting. The rest of the writing process involves hard work, sleepless nights, and living with self doubt around the clock. Facing a blank page day after day can be draining and difficult. Books are filled with advice how to fake-out writing blues. Hemingway famously left his work unfinished at the end of the day so that he would have something to pick back up when he started writing the next day.

If first time writing is so tough, first time book publishing must be easier, right? Sadly, no. The publishing world is full of its own traps and pitfalls. There aren't many tricks to get you past the gates and into the dreamt-of state of publishing glory. Leaving your work undone at the end of the day isn't going to help you here.

First Time Book Publishing Solutions

There is a simple way to make first time book publishing easy. Forgo the waiting and frustration of pursuing major publishing house attention and take the matter into your own hands. Publishing on demand not only makes that possible, it makes it easy, and potentially lucrative. Countless first time authors have found success with publishing on demand. There's no reason you can't be the next.

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