Full Color Book Printing

Written by Christopher Ransom
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Unless you are printing a simple manual, textbook or newspaper ... Unless you're aiming your book at a built in audience who must read it no matter how it looks ... unless your budget is severely constrained ... you'll definitely go with full color for your book printing. Thanks to today's computer-to-printing press technology, it's easier and less expensive than ever before to print your book with bold, glossy, full color designs and text on the cover of your book. The same technology has made it possible for book printers to incorporate color photos into your text at little or no extra cost.

Full color and four-color printing are two terms sometimes used to describe the same thing: the ability to print your image in all of its dazzling glory. Four color does not mean that your book cover will be limited only four colors. Rather, four color printing refers to a system where a color image is digitally separated into four different colors or values, creating four images with blue, red, yellow, and black inks that recombined on the printing press to reproduce the original color image in a superior fashion. This works for books with four or forty different colors within their covers.

Seeing Full Color Book Printing Is Believing

Before you agree on a full color book printing product, either a dust jacket or the regular paperback book cover, ask your book printer for some samples of their work. Not all printing presses are the same and the end product may vary even if different printers are using the same full color book printing techniques.

You may also want to ask your book printer about file compatibility when ordering full color books. Some printing press technology is not compatible with all file types, and with so many graphic design programs on the market today, it's worth double-checking. You might have to convert your color files into a different format before shipping it out to the printer, but going full color versus black and white is worth it. If you doubt that, try and remember the last time you purchased a book that was all black and white.

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