Manuscript Publishers

Written by Will Baum
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Manuscript publishers relieve the pressure of a world full of writers frustrated by conventional publishing. In recent years, conventional publishers have continued and sped a trend that sees them publishing only the most sure-fire titles. If a memoir isn't by a celebrity and a novel isn't by a proven author, many publishing houses just aren't interested.

Publishing used to be the domain of passionate people who revered literature above all else. Those people, it turned out, weren't necessarily great at business. They would keep publishing books by an unsuccessful author, certain that the author would one day pen a best-selling masterpiece.

Those days are long gone. Publishers now answer to corporate bosses (a handful of corporations own most well-known publishers). The corporate bosses answer to shareholders. The shareholders want growth and profit. You may love literature and be a stockholder. If you own stock in a company, what's more important to you, that it nurture some fledgling talent, or that it give you a return on your dollar?

Manuscript Publishers Release Steam

The result is that authors have nowhere to turn. Unless they happen to be scandal-ridden ex-presidents, they are often out of luck. Intense pressure grows, like a teapot boiling over. Manuscript publishers offer another route. They will publish your manuscript, and even help you promote it. New technology and publishing on demand make this an exciting new possibility. The Internet is a great place to find manuscript publishers to get your book to the reading public.

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