Marketing Your Book

Written by Christa Gatewood
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The only way to get a book to turn a profit is to market it. You can't expect people to buy your book just because it is published and distributed. Marketing is all about making connections and networking. Marketing a book can begin even before it is published, because a big way to market a book is on its cover.

Using the Back Cover to Market Your Book

How many times have you picked up a book and turned it over to read the back? The back of a book is a like a billboard for the contents of the book. First, there is the book description. Writing a clear and articulate description of the book is imperative. If the description is boring, the reader will assume the same of the book. You should also decide what makes your book special and distinctive from other books of its kind. Try to incorporate that into the description of the book.

The back cover is also a place where experts can share their opinions about the book. The opinions of experts and reviewers go a long way with buyers. Send your manuscript to experts in your chosen field and book reviewers for their comments before the book is published. The particularly good comments should be included on the back of the book in the first printing. You can continue to collect comments from notable people after the book is printed to include in future printings and other marketing materials.

You should create a marketing sheet about your book that includes the description, any comments from experts and other notables, and a short pitch about the book and what makes it special. This sheet can be given to booksellers and reviewers to attract their attention. Make sure the sheet is professional-looking and well-written as this is how you will sell your book. Even if you are self publishing, there are houses out there that can offer significant help with the marketing aspect and provide access to the top retailers, such as Barnes and Noble.

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