Perfect Binding

Written by Christopher Ransom
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Of the binding methods used for paperback books, perfect binding or "perfect bound" is the most common and arguably the most attractive. Perfect binding uses adhesive to bind pages to the spine, which is usually the flat side or back of the book cover. Perfect binding gets its name from the clean appearance resulting from the flat or ninety degree angle of the spine in relation to the book covers.

Most book printers offer perfect binding for your book. It is so common, in fact, that if your printer does not offer perfect binding you may want to consider if that printer is really an experienced book printer.

Why Perfect Binding Might Be the Perfect Binding

Unlike Smythe-sewn binding, which is a high quality binding method used for binding hardback books, perfect binding is less expensive and more functional. Unlike spiral bound or saddle-stitched books, perfect bound books also look and feel like they were published by one of the majors, i.e. one of the large New York publishing houses. All those mass-market books you pick up for seven or eight bucks at the airport or from of your bookstore? Those are perfect bound. Trade paperback books, the "literary" books or any paperback book measuring roughly 5 x 8 inches that is designed to be read more than once and last years instead of months, also use perfect binding.

If you want a professional looking book without the costs of printing in hardcover, perfect binding makes perfect sense.

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