Personal Book Printing

Written by Christopher Ransom
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As anyone who has written a book knows, it's always personal, and this holds true when it comes to personal book printing. Writing a book is simply too arduous an endeavor for it to not to be personal. Writing a good book takes months or even years, and attempting to do so without being personally invested (creatively, spiritually, financially or otherwise) renders the task virtually impossible. If you are in charge of printing a book and don't consider yourself personally invested, you still have a job to do, and it will be made easier by treating the job as if you were.

Personal book printing also refers to the printing of books whose subject is you, the author, such as a family history or family album. In many of the instances, the goal is not so much to become a bestseller or print the most beautiful book in the world so much as it is about getting you or your family on record.

No Nonsense Options for Personal Book Printing

If you are one of these types not overly concerned with getting your book into bookstores where complete strangers are expected to buy your book, but you still want a book that will hold up and make a nice contribution to your family's bookshelf, there are more options than ever before. You'll probably be hiring a printer for a short run of 100 copies or less for your personal book printing (unless you have a very big family or thousands of friends).

In this case, paperback books are the place to start. Inexpensive and available in a variety of binding methods, large paperbacks measuring 8 ½ x 11 inches make for a nice gift to you and your loved ones. Perfect bound, spiral, Plastikoil, and 3-ring are the least expensive ways to go, perfect bound being the most professional and Plastikoil being the most attractive for the very least out-of-pocket expense. If you book is an attempt to document your life or your family's life, you may also want to ask your printer about incorporating photos into your pages. A good book printer should be able to do this at little or no extra cost.

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