Written by Christopher Ransom
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Plastikoil binding is a low cost, attractive alternative to the more expensive Smythe-sewn binding method or the low-cost (but also less-attractive and less-durable) traditional spiral binding methods. Plastikoil is perhaps the single most functional of binding methods, allowing the reader to lay a Plastikoil-bound volume flat on a surface or even fold the pages over each other, 360 degrees without damaging, warping or tearing the book.

In addition to its functionality and cost benefits, Plastikoil is generally considered far more attractive than older spiral binding methods, which used metal wire to keep a book together. The plastic materials are available in 45 colors, including clear. Because of the flexible yet durable nature of Plastikoil, your book will stay attractive longer. Remember the time your spiral bound notebook snagged on your favorite knit sweater and then cut your palm open as you tried to untangle the mess? That type of scenario doesn't happen with Plastikoil.

What Types of Books Use Plastikoil Binding?

With sizing available for books ranging from 1/16 inch to 2 inches thick, maybe the better question is what type of books can't you bind using Plastikoil. Choosing a binding method, for most people looking to print their own books, is a decision based more on cost than appearance and quality. After all, if we could afford it, wouldn't we all choose the highest quality covers, artwork, and binding materials to ensure our book lasts until the next ice age?

Yes and no. For publishers of manuals, notebooks, and any other type of book whose reader favors function over form, Plastikoil is the best choice at an easy price. Imagine, for instance, the car mechanic working in tight spaces with greasy hands. That fellow might prefer a laminated parts manual he can bend, flex, and wipe clean after each use. Ask your book printer about additional benefits and pricing of Plastikoil binding. If you ask nicely, he might even send you a sample.

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