Poetry Publishing

Written by Christa Gatewood
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Writing poetry is truly a labor of love, as poets rarely ever make any money or garnish any literary esteem or recognition. It can be harder to get poetry published than it is to write the poetry itself. There was a time long ago when poetry dominated the publishing scene and literature in general. Sadly, the days of Shakespeare, Whitman and Poe are long gone.

Publishing Poetry in Modern Times

So what are you to do if you are a poet out of your time wishing to publish? The good news is that while the age of dominance of poetry is over, poetry is still appreciated in a number of different venues. The Internet has breathed new life into the poetry medium with the introduction of e-zines dedicated to the exhibition of poetry.
There are hundreds of online magazines that accept poetry submissions. While no one can guarantee a wide audience for these e-zines, they are places where your poetry can be seen.

There are also a number of respected poetry literary magazines that accept submissions of poetry. These magazines have loyal readerships and are a great place to find limited notoriety. Building a reputation in poetry circles is imperative if you are seeking any kind of success. Do your research before you submit, however, to make sure you are familiar with the types of poems that are published in each magazine.

Once you have established some sort of reputation, the next step is to publish a collection of your poems. This is a very challenging endeavor and should not be underestimated. You can either submit to a well-known publisher or self publish. Self publishing is very common in the poetry world, as so few poetry collections are published by large publishers.

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