Poetry Publishing Houses

Written by Will Baum
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Poetry publishing houses have been squeezed like any other wing of publishing by a rise in bottom line thinking and a decline in readership. A recent study revealed that 18-24 year olds read less than the previous generation. Video games and 500 stations of TV are proving to be difficult rivals for the attention of the young.

If you write poetry, you don't have to count on poetry publishing houses to press and distribute your book. You can do it yourself. Publishing on demand companies offer terrific rates on poetry books. Even the very best selling poetry is pressed in low numbers. There is no reason you can't handle the tasks usually taken up by conventional poetry publishing houses.

Poetry Publishing Houses Slow You Down

There is no longer reason to wait through an endless submission process. Even if one of your favorite poetry publishing houses takes on your book, they may want to wait a year or more before releasing it. In addition, the market being what it is, conventional houses aren't in the position to pay you much at all.

You are much better off "seizing the means of production." You can get the book to journals and critics. You can get the book to stores. You can sell books over the Internet. You may even find yourself inspired to write a poem or two about the process, "On Fulfillment," or perhaps, "My PayPal." Bad titles? You can probably do better; you're the poet.

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