Printing Your Own Book

Written by Christopher Ransom
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When we talk about printing your own book, we're assuming you do not own your own book printing press or publishing house. In this context, printing your own book simply implies that you are in charge of bringing your book to life by hiring a book printer, aka print-on-demand or self-publisher, to manufacture your book. The only other route to go when printing your own book is to literally prepare the manuscript yourself and print it from your home computer on whatever printer you have available.

If you want your book to be taken seriously, if you want anyone to spend his or her hard earned money on something you have written, we strongly advise against this. For one, it's difficult to get most standard printers to print double-sided pages (text on both sides) with a professional appearance. It can be done, but again this sort of homemade printing is going to look just like that, homemade.

The Unspoken Secret about Printing Your Own Book

I've done a lot of research about printing your own book. I managed one of the busiest Barnes & Noble stores in Los Angeles for two years, where I met a lot of authors, some of them self-published. And you know what? There is an unspoken secret desire I have yet to read about or hear any one say out loud, but it's true all the same. Every person printing his or her own book wants their book to be taken just as seriously as the books that are published by the major New York publishing houses.

To that end, your goal when printing your own book should be simple. To do everything in your power to ensure that your book looks and feels like it was NOT homemade, but professionally published. From the cover art to the binding to the typeface, to the way you represent the book in conversations-everything about your book should scream quality. All those titles churned out by the majors? Someone, usually an entire committee of real smart folks, fought to see that book in print because they believed in it. As the publisher of your own book, you must have the same conviction. And maintaining that conviction is a whole lot easier when the product you are selling, in this case your book, looks like a real book. In the links surrounding these pages, you will find everything you need to educate yourself on what it takes to win at the game of printing your own book. Good luck!

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